about & contact

Hi! I'm Anna - the maker of The Eclective, based in Armidale NSW.

I make porcelain & ceramic earrings, jewellery and a small range of functional pieces. Ceramics is definitely a 'slow made' craft - mostly because there can be no rushing any stage of the making process! Clay has to be at just the right moisture level to work with it, the first firing takes eight-ish hours to fire, glazing and decorating must be done patiently and precisely, second firing takes up to twelve hours, then sanding and finishing, before being made into earrings or jewellery. 

Every piece is handmade in small (tiny!) batches using Australian clay and glazes in regional NSW. Through this process, beautiful porcelain clay is transformed into a range of geometric and organic shapes, with a colour palette ranging from minimalist white and jet black, to night sky navy, electric blue and striking mustard yellow. Simple, modern and minimalist design is the focus of my work.

Each pair of ceramic earrings is individually created from clay to finished pieces - a beautiful gift for lovers of handmade & mindful gifts. Every pair comes carefully wrapped in a linen jewellery pouch, with free shipping Australia wide.